“A time of transition”

Pile of clothes and gear

The pile of gear needed for a 10-day adventure in Yellowstone can be quite overwhelming, especially for a small dog…

This week has been a time of transition for many of us. Some of us have been out of school for weeks, some of us were still teaching students yesterday, and all of us are excited to be traveling to Yellowstone today!


“Junior Curators in Yellowstone”

This summer, the Museum’s Junior Curators, high school students who volunteer weekly to help take care of the Museum’s animal ambassadors, are taking a trip to Yellowstone!

From June 14-21, thirteen students will travel with Museum staff to visit Yellowstone National Park. We’ll take time to learn about the Park’s amazing wildlife, observe the geothermal energy released in hot springs and geysers, and take some hikes into Yellowstone’s backcountry.

The students will be posting blogs during the trip to the Museum’s Education blog site. We hope you’ll follow along!

Bison Silhouette